Staying motivated as a small business or entrepreneur

As a business owner, maintaining a high level of motivation can be difficult at times. When this happens, you always need to remember why you are working so hard on your business. Is it the freedom? Is it the potential (or current) income? Is it the passion for your project or work?

Whatever it is, make sure to understand why you are doing what you’re doing – it will make it seem less like work and more enjoyable for you to reach your goals.

Marketing tips and resources for small business owners

If you run your own business, chances are you often run into challenges with finding new customers or clients for your products and services. The most costly part of running most businesses is customer acquisition, so it’s no surprise it’s a common struggle for many. These resources here will help you during the initial growth phase of your company and allow you to continue moving forward by building your customer base and growing your business. Remember, we also have motivational resources for you if you need.


#1 – Networking & Relationships

handshakeThis is a no-brainer. Everyone in business should understand the importance of networking and relationship building. People don’t buy products or services – they buy people because they like you and have developed some kind of relationship with you. Because of this, it’s vital to build relationships, network, and listen to others when they discuss their problems and challenges. After all, you never know how you can help someone else AND how they will be able to help you.

For more information, check out this resource on business networking.

#2 – Website & Online Presence

As a small business, you probably have a website. If you don’t, you need to get one. Having a website not only shows that you’re an established business (even if you aren’t yet!), but it makes it so customers and prospects CAN find you if you are ranking well. Plus, having your social media setup correctly provides another avenue for potential customers of yours to find you as well. An example of a reputable company with happy clients and results is this Miami search marketing firm.

#3 – Online Marketing & SEO

Whether you plan to spend your advertising budget online through paid marketing or through search engine optimization, making sure you have everything done correctly and professionally is a huge factor in your long-term success. Too many small businesses fail to realize the true potential the Internet can provide for their businesses and they end up losing out on customers, relationships, and profit for their businesses. Regardless of the company you work with, finding a trusted SEO & marketing company can be difficult. Do your research and ask around in your area and within your networks to find a company with proven results.

#4 – Previous Relationships

While continuing to build and grow your network is definitely important, many people fail to reach out to their existing contacts and previous relationships to help drive business. While it can be difficult to muster up the courage to talk with people, if you truly believe in the products and services you’re selling, it won’t be that difficult in the long run. The benefits you can provide for people will far outweigh the costs and you should be happy to help them (and accept their money in return).

#5 – Long-Term

Remember, building your business is something that’s going to take time. If you aren’t in it for the long-haul, maybe it’s not something you should be doing. It took more than 10 years to become a profitable company, and now they’re one of the largest companies on the planet. Bet patient, continue growing, and keep working towards your larger vision for building your company and business!

If you have any other questions or need additional resources for your business, please contact us.